Saturday, September 22, 2012


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I have decided to start using lookbook again too. I mean, might as well. Used to always put a smile on my face before. This particular look is actually from May (Sorry, sorry, it's laaate.) My best friend, Eden bought us tickets to go see Beach Fossils at The Echo in LA. The show was fantastic, I'll never forget. Though, I did learn a very valuable lesson that day. Never wear a bandeaux to a concert if you plan on shoving yourself into the crowd. I was just doing my thing; having a blast at the concert, jumping around, you know. All of a sudden, things feel strange. 'I don't remember wearing a belt-' Cue realization of bandeaux around my waist. Oopz. Luckily it was dark so nobody noticed. Next show I go to, I'm definitely wearing a bra with straps, or hey, maybe no bra at all!

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