Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Good things have been heading my way lately. 

I found a job at a restaurant/bakery! My orientation should be pretty soon. So stoked about it. 

It was my first time voting yesterday, and I'm EXTREMELY happy about the election results. Four more years! Plus, for my fellow Californians, Prop. 30 passed!

ALSO, I have been looking for a dark purple lipstick that doesn't wash me out completely and BY GEORGE, I'VE DONE IT. It was so meant to be. On sale for 3 bucks at Sephora! 

Despite my not-so-cheery disposition, I promise I'm smiling on the inside.

Grimes Tee: Grimes Show, LA
Jean Skirt: Second Hand
Dr. Martens: Second Hand


Sending positive vibes & thoughts yr way,


  1. yourrrr teeee-shirtttttt! oh i am so jealous. also, loving all the lippy xx