Monday, October 22, 2012

Grey Monday/////Recent Finds

Outside is grey, grey, grey. A Grey Monday. I've had too much coffee and the sky's got me feeling nostalgic, but to be honest, I don't mind. 
On days like these, I blend with the grey and I feel low like the clouds in the sky. I hate feeling this way, but a part of me secretly loves it.


I'm pretty crazy about this outfit. An old friend of mine used to have one of these vests. I borrowed it from her all the time, now I'm happy to have one of my own.
Hat: H&M
Vest: Forever 21
Maxi: Forever 21


I hope everyone's weekend went well. Mine did! It was full of shopping and good company. I definitely spoiled myself a bit. On Saturday, I hit up yard sales and the mall.  On Sunday, my friend, Brittaney, and I headed down to the Long Beach flea market. I found some pretty rad things all three places. Take a look see:

 (I LOVE that clothes pin necklace! It actually opens and closes. IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES.)

Groovy Cardigan: Flea Market $5
The Simpsons Tee: Flea Market $10
Clothes Pin Necklace: Flea Market $3
Cat Keychain: Flea Market FREEEEEEEEE!
Rugrats Beanie: Yard Sale 50¢
Mickey Mouse Turtleneck: Yard Sale50¢
Black Knitted Beanie: H&M, $6
Berkley Beanie: Yard Sale, 75¢
Black Knitted Sweater: H&M $12

I'm gonna drink some more coffee and stare at the sky some more. Hope yr Monday's a good shade of grey.

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