Monday, October 1, 2012


The underdog is the hero of the movie, right? I think maybe we'd all like to imagine ourselves as the underdog of our lives, but if each of us is the underdog of our own real life movie, how could we all possibly prevail?

This weekend my mom dragged me out to Santa Monica (Just kidding, It was more like I merrily skipped beside her). She was going to the Train concert at the Nokia Theater. I'm not much of a Train fan, so I hung out at my favorite coffee shop instead.
My mom kept telling me how much I missed out at the Train concert, but I feel my experience went just as well, perhaps even better. A couple musicians performed at the coffee house, which I found to be overwhelmingly inspiring. One performer I found to be my particular favorite was Shakti Murthy. The only words that come to mind to describe her music are 'Sweet like Buttercream'. I hope someday my words can flow as smoothly and sweetly as hers.

And now, my outfit.

Beanie: Yard Sale (I have yet to mention my undying love for yard sales, but don't worry, I will soon.)
Jaguar Necklace: Forever 21 (One of my recent purchases!)
Maxi Dress: Image
Jean Vest: Thrifted/DIY
Canvas Shoes: UO


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